Versatile and Comfortable: Our New Maternity and Nursing Pillows

Versatile and Comfortable: Our New Maternity and Nursing Pillows
Introducing the latest addition to MINICAMP family: the C-shaped pregnancy pillows with an organic cover and natural kapok filling. Designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support, our maternity and nursing pillows are versatile companion for every stage of motherhood.

Luxurious & Breathable Organic Cover:
Crafted from 100% fine poplin cotton, our pregnancy pillow's cover is not only super soft but also incredibly breathable. With its organic GOTS certification, you can rest assured that you're snuggling up to natural, eco-friendly materials that blend seamlessly with your bedding for that cozy bedroom feel.

Multi-Use Versatility:
Our C-shaped pregnancy pillow is more than just a maternity accessory. Whether you're expecting, nursing, or simply in need of a good night's sleep, this pillow has you covered. Use it for support during pregnancy, wrap it around for comfortable baby feeding sessions, or even as a lumbar pillow at the side of your bed. Its versatility makes it a handy companion for every moment.

Adjustable Firmness for Personalized Comfort:
Customize the firmness of your pillow to your liking with our adjustable insert. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel, our pillow adapts to your individual comfort needs, ensuring a restful night's sleep or relaxing nursing experience.

Thoughtful Design for Ultimate Convenience:
Every detail of our maternity and nursing pillow has been carefully considered for your convenience. Wrap it around your body and secure it with straps for comfortable nursing sessions. Pockets for the straps are included for added convenience when not in use. Plus, the hidden zipper ensures there are no sharp edges, while the stretchy gum makes it easier to wrap around your body comfortably.

Easy Maintenance with Washable Covers:
Keeping your pillow fresh and clean is a breeze with our washable covers. Each pillow comes with both outer and inner covers that can be easily tossed in the wash with warm water and mild soap, ensuring that your pillow stays as good as new with minimal effort.

Premium Materials for Peace of Mind:
Our maternity and nursing pillow is made from premium materials to provide you with peace of mind. The outer cover is crafted from 100% fine poplin cotton with organic GOTS certification, while the inner pillow is OEKO-TEX certified 100% cotton. Additionally, we offer two filling options to suit your preferences: hypoallergenic PES fiber balls or organic 100% kapok.

Choose the Right Option for You:
We offer two buying options to suit your needs: the pillow with one cover or the pillow with two covers. Select the option that best fits your lifestyle and preferences to enjoy the ultimate comfort and support during pregnancy and beyond.

Length: 70 inches (180cm)
Width: 10 inches (25cm)
Thickness: 6.7 inches (17cm)

Please note that our maternity and nursing pillow is designed for adult use only and is not intended for use by children. Always supervise children around the pillow and avoid leaving them unattended while sleeping. Safety is our top priority.

Experience unparalleled comfort and support during every stage of motherhood with our C-shaped maternity and nursing pillow. Embrace versatility and elevate your comfort with every use.