Enhancing Your Kid's Room Decor with Cozy Floor Cushions for reading, playing and resting

Enhancing Your Kid's Room Decor with Cozy Floor Cushions for reading, playing and resting
When it comes to creating an enchanting space for your little ones, indoor teepees are undoubtedly the stars of the show. However, there's one supporting actor in the realm of kids' room decor that often takes center stage – floor cushions, or as we affectionately call them, bean bags. These delightful additions to your child's play space are not only visually appealing but also incredibly versatile.

A few years ago, we introduced floor cushions to MINICAMP assortment, and they swiftly became one of our most sought-after items. Based on customer feedback and photos, it's clear that these cushions are cherished for multiple uses:
  • Infant and Children's Resting Place: Many children's rooms and nurseries feature cozy nooks where a mattress, a pouf, a bean bag or a floor cushion takes center stage. It's the spot where your little ones adore spending their quiet moments.
  • Reading/Movie Corner: Think about creating a cozy corner under a canopy or inside a teepee, where your kids can comfortably snuggle up with their favorite books or enjoy movie nights.
  • Playtime: Of course, these cushions are also perfect for playtime, whether it's building forts, having tea parties, or playing board games.

MINICAMP floor cushions come in a generous diameter of approximately 41.34 inches (105 cm) and consist of two parts – a removable, washable cover and an inner core padded with a layer of synthetic material, filled with hypoallergenic OEKO-TEX certified polyester fiberballs.

What sets them apart is the extensive range of options for cushion covers. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns in cotton or opt for the trendy teddy or bouclé materials. These cushions are further adorned with delightful embellishments like pompom, fringe, or ruffle decorations.

Now, let's get creative and explore some inspiring ways to incorporate floor cushions into your kid's room decor:

Reading Nook: Create a charming reading nook by placing a floor cushion or a bean bag near a bookshelf or in a well-lit corner. Add a soft blanket and some stuffed animals for a cozy reading space that ignites the imagination.

Boho Chic: Embrace the boho decor style by incorporating floor cushions with textured covers in earthy tones. Mix and match different patterns and fabrics to achieve that laid-back, eclectic look that's perfect for the boho spirit.

Playroom Central: In a dedicated playroom, arrange floor cushions in a circle for a central play area. This setup is perfect for board games, storytelling, and imaginative play.

Movie Night: Elevate your family movie nights by setting up a row of bean bags in front of the TV. Add some popcorn and cozy blankets for the ultimate movie-watching experience that your kids will cherish.

Outdoor Oasis: Don't limit these cushions to indoor use. Take them outside for a picnic or a playdate in the garden. Their versatility makes them easy to move around and enjoy in different settings.

Our floor cushions are not only functional but also add a touch of boho charm to your kid's room. They are versatile, comfortable, and perfect for creating various cozy spaces for your little ones to enjoy. So, get creative and make the most of these delightful additions to your child's room decor. Happy decorating!

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